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  • Opera Kaleido is the umbrella label for the music of composer Joe St.Johanser - 6 full length stage operas, more than 45 art songs and numerous chamber works. Also under the umbrella are music publishers Robosoft Music and Starlight Opera.

    Contemporary Art Songs

    The modern classical singer will enjoy these two books of songs by Joe St.Johanser for voice and piano.

    Contemporary Art Songs - 27 songs setting poems by Norman MacCaig, Christina Rossetti, Jack Vance, Lewis Carroll, John Drinkwater, Jane Wyatt, Wm. Shakespeare, Joe St.Johanser.

    More Contemporary Art Songs - 18 songs setting poems by Norman MacCaig, Robert Browning, Jane Wyatt, Wm. Shakespeare, Joe St.Johanser and Lewis Carroll.

    Published by Robosoft Music as two books of songs for voice and piano - sewn binding to allow score to lie flat- 27 songs - 112 pages A4 size - ISBN 978-0-9933578-0-0 and 18 songs - 72 pages A4 size - ISBN 978-0-9933578-1-7. Price for the music in hard copy is 10.00 pounds plus 5.00 pounds postage - 15.00 pounds in all for either book. Pay with button below, send us your email with your postage address and we will send the book.

    27 songs

    18 songs

    Alternatively buy both for 15.00 pounds plus 7 pounds postage - 22 pounds in all.

    Alternatively the price for the music for both in pdf format is 8 pounds. Pay with button below and send us your email. We will email the pdf files.

    27 Songs 27 Songs

    18 Songs 18 Songs

    Listen to some recordings of these songs on Joe's youtube channel - browse on the channel for others - and subscribe if you wish

    'I remember you'

    'You went away'


    27 Songs

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